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Is it all based on the same mix template and when is too late to try something new?

...this is my first question to Dave but please feel free guys to make this thread your own...

1. Is it all based on the same mix template?

For example you said in this forum that you don't use mix buss compression. Is this almost true for all of your mixes? What are some standard things (like layering samples, multing, parallel compression, and so on) that you do (or start a mix with) the majority of the time if not 100%?

and 2. when is it too late to try something new?

when do you stop fighting with something and decide to try a completely different approach...for example I find myself sometimes spending a lot of time working with a multed kick sound while if I had used a sample (in that particular case) I could have gotten what I was looking for, right away.

I hope the connection between the 2 questions is clear.

I also know that everything depends on the song and the sound we're after but I assume everytime a mixer sits behind a desk they don't re-write the book of mixing from scratch. And finally, if the way you approach a project governs the techniques you'll use, would you mind sharing what would be your typical approach for different styles?

Long subject and long thread...I'll shut up now...Thanks, syra