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Old 21st September 2004
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In Pro Tools, I put a signal generator on an Aux input and tuned it to 65hz (a low C). The next plug was a gate with and external key input. I sent from the timpani to the key input of the gate so that it would open when the timp was playing, and adjusted the hold and the release until it matched the decay of the timp.

As Dave has pointed out, when you work with the sub range, you're going to need monitors that can reproduce those tones. If you don't, you'll almost certainly use too much. Think of it like plastic explosives. A little 40-65hz goes a long way.

I also like the Renaissance Bass for adding subharmonics to sounds, so this isn't a completely new trick for me. I didn't really like it years ago because it was too hard to get the sine wave in tune with the track, and the Drawmer gates were hard to keep from clicking. The last time I tried the sine wave trick, I was working in a Trident 80B room. The oscillator tones were fixed at 50, 100, 1K, and 10K, as I recall.