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It really varies...

Some of my clients spend days on their rough mixes, and some are just thrown together (check out the 2track thread). I like the challenge of beating a great ruff mix. Usually I "cheat" and really study the ruff, and use the best ideas from it. Of course, I try to make the ideas mine. On "Party" (Pink) we (Pink, Me, Linda, and Damon Elliott) were trying to make an ALBUM. Linda Perry wrote the song with Pink. We were hassled all along the way. We were fired a couple of times, and threatened with the album not coming out. Pink had such a strong vision that she wouldn't turn loose. We knew it was a great record, but it almost didn't come out like we envisioned it. Finally, to his credit LA Reid saw the vision and really got behind the record. I was going through an "Andy Wallace" phase, and was trying to combine that with my "Dr. Dre" phase.

Only a handfull of song writers show up to sessions. In another thread I give a list of priorities of who I listen to.

remo, it really varies all over the place as to who writes the song.