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what cha gunna do

A lot of producers shop their tracks. Suddenly the track gets some attention, and they realize the old hard drive it was on no longer works, or they were in a hurry and forgot to write down settings, etc. Usually it is a fact that they can't find it.

Greg, I will try to answer your thread soon.

As to who should get mix credit, that is a tought question I had not given much thought to. I guess if all I did was "master" the mix, I shouldn't get credit. When you change it as much as I do, I consider it not a 2track mix, but 2 tracks I was given to mix. Nicodemus, what do you think?

Let me give you an example of one of the songs on Surviver by Destinys. Beyonce was given a CD of the demo track. She dumped it onto a ProTools rig and recorded the vocals, and did some edits to the track. I had to have the mix done in two days, because of deadlines. I get the vocals from NY, and the track from another part of the country. They don't match. Timing is different, and somehow, the pitch is off. Well after a lot of work it was a single! It took 48 straight hours. Fun. Job security. Oh and by the way (I hate BTW), I never told anyone, just did it.