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Are you serious? Do you wear blue jeans? Where did THEY come from?

Take ONE look around where you are and I GUARANTEE that your "made in the USA" manifesto goes right out the window... I'm so tired of this bvll****! Worse, the hypocrites

Well NO ****... My point is i will Support the American worker all i can.When i can..
Maybe this global economy is good for you but not for the U.S. And if you've been following the presidential election this has been the major discussion at any electoral debate..I hate my Philippines Jeans i think they suck and are of low quality..I really love to see grown men working at burger king now a day because of this government.The rich get richer and the middle class is gone or on the way out..I don't know about you but 100k a year just doesnt impress me. Not when your raising a family..If your happy with 20k 40k 50k a year you have been brain washed. I wonder what the Philippines is importing from the U.S. and at what costfuuck