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Old 20th September 2004
Here for the gear

Thanks for all the help. I finally got it working. I shortened the kick with a gate since it was already printed. This helped a lot. Then I realized which was my mistake that I have the Maxxbass plugin set to high on the track. this was making it muddy and more boomy then it needed to be.
It is not perfect but helped a lot.

Another question is I am using JBL LSR28lps for my bigger speaker to hear the bottom. They say the reach down to 34hz I think. am I really hearing enough defintion in the low end or should I add a sub. There is a JBL Sub thas goes with it.

If I add a sub which one should I add. also is there a way to setit up so can add the sub in and also leave it out so I canuse the LSDR28lps by themself or with the sub.

Thanks for everything