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good suggestions

I would guess that the topend is not right. Check out one of the other posts to see how I do it, I can't remember which post, but it has to do with splitting the kik and using various compression. Remember if you want more bass out of a bass, just turn it up! It's BASS. if you want more lo end from a kik, turn the son-uva-bitch up. Psycho-accoustically, the ear needs some 800-1K, some 3-5k and some 10k to "find" the kik. Add these while in the mix. Don't be afraid to turn up the hi's in the chorus's. It gives the feeling that the drummer hit it harder. Let us know if this helps. Remember, like thethrillfaactor said, don't be against adding a sample that has the frequencies you are missing. Check out some of my Brian Mcknight mixes, and tell me if any of those are close to what you are hearing, and I will send you some samples.