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Re: Let us substitute him

Originally posted by Al├ęcio Costa
May we substitute Justin for Michael Jackson? Then, we would have a fair comparison.

Are you comparing music or popularity ? To me music is intended for one and only purpose. Which is to create a sort of emotion in the person who hears it. If you can get a tear or a laugh, or euphoria, or movement, or whatever it may be that causes pleasure in their brains.. then the job was well done. And this cannot be bought or advertized. You can critique all sorts of musical styles and genres, from 2004 back to who ever you want to ... if it moves someone, or millions it doesn't really matter.. it's the fact that you have created a mix of sounds that give out sonic pleasure . I have alot of respect for the "end user" or consumer.. if we start by that, then you will notice that alot of genious goes into pop music. I respect who ever is succesful period.