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Originally posted by mpr3
Do you really think that if Mozart was here today he would be similar to Justin Timberlake?

You've never seen Amadeus, have you? Antics right up there with the best rock bands out there. You would have thought led zeppelin were angels with mozart rocking out.

Many of the romantic and classical composers were well known performers before they were writers. Schubert, chopin, mozart, beethoven, etc. More than a few of music stars of those times were highly flirtacious with members of the more desirable sex.

All these guys (and gals) were geniuses right at the bleeding edge of what was acceptable in terms of music. Some went well past that point and created things new. I've only hear how well Stravinsky's "Rites of Spring" went over during its first public performance. It grew on the kids, and is looked back at being influential. As much as it pains me to say it, JT is one of the best solo boy band-style acts out there. Not quite the second coming of Elvis, but you never know until today's youth are 40 talking about how much better music was when they were kids.

Imagine Mozart's groupie stories, btw. And imagine if some of these guys had access to schoenberg's twelve-tone system instead of just "common" tonality Metal would never be the same again.

And, as a side note, i think the boy band came out of the advent of PA amplification. I also believe The Beatles were the original modern boy band. Look at the screaming girls passing out in the audience. The teenagers love who the teenagers love, and no heavy handed action on the part of the "rational and reasonable adult party" is going to steal that away.