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Old 19th September 2004
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Need help with R&B Kick

I am doing a R&B ballad. I am using a 909ish kick. I love the sample. it sounds great by itself. when it enters the mix there is only a voice and piano. I am trying to get the kick to have a lot of depth. Nice lowend but it sounds woofy or a little cloudy. If I roll off some lowend say up to 58hz then the body that I like of the kick is gone.

I want to feel the kick in my chest. Some well mixed songs have that low end where you feel it in your chest.

How do you get the kick to sound clear but keep the lowend body.

If you listen to the ballade by Daniel Beddingfield "If you're not the one" the kick has a nice sub punch to it but it is very clear.

I keep trying different techniques. I will leave in 60hz and below but dip around 200hz. then it just sounds like sub and no body.

need help