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Old 19th September 2004
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Totally agreed, Dave.
Recently, I had the opportunity to record mix and co-produce a very good Camerata Orchestra from the very south of Brazil, where I live.

They have just found a hidden treasure, some pearls from early 20st century, entirely done on here, previously unreleased songs.

With limited budget and time we were still able to create a nice atmosphere and build a nice album.

I may send you some small samples. This albums received some nice reviews in the area.

Listening to the final product one could never imagine it would become such a nice album going against all the limitation invoilved throughout the process.

Orquestra Camerata Florianópolis Vol.4 ( an independent production>> songs from early XX
Camerata Florianópolis Vol.3 ( also independent, mpb hit songs performed by this small young team: Tom Jobim, Milton NAcimento, Belchior, etc)