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Will I ever get any TRUE/FALSE questions???!!!!??!

Man, you guys are giving me that carpal tunnel thing! One thing I have noticed about me (and other mixers I admire) is the WILL to make something sound great. The skill is one thing, but I have noticed that some of the staff (newer engineers) at the studios I work at, give up too quick. People ask me about width, clarity, lo end, etc. That's just the way I have always heard music, and will stay here 10 days if necesssary, until my mix sounds the way I hear it in my head. Wow does that ever sound egotistical (sic), but bear with me. Today I am working on a mix in which ALL the music is on two tracks. This mix should take about 3 hours. I am into hour 13. I have taken and placed snare and kik samples by hand for each and every kik and snare in the 2-track instrumental. This has taken me and Ariel about 5 hours. I have tried about 25 things on it from Trans X to TC Master X to Neves, Pultecs, 1070's, etc., and didn't like any of them, except the TransX. I split the stereo track to 5 pairs of faders. One I rolled off all lo end, one is just for lo with a DBX 120x on it. One has the snot compressed out of it (DBX160XT), for midrange, and then I combine all these to get the final sound I am hearing in my head. If I can't make it sound great, it aint leaving here. So, what I am trying to add here, is WANTING it to sound good is the one single thing all top mixers have in common. Also, anything you do for 10-20 years, you should be good at! Well, I guess that isn't always the case, just listen to the radio! I will expound on this more, because I think it ties into the "cliff diving" thread. Once again, let me say, you guys make me feel pretty special, and I thank you for that. But ALL of you have the ability to do UNIQUE things. That's all I do, is sell my uniqueness.