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In a previous thread, I mentioned my mom was named after the opera Aida. One of the great momentst for me was working with Elton John on the Aida project. I grew up on Cuban and Classical music in Tampa and South Florida, so it was all over the place. I work so much that it is hard to find time to do ANYTHING. My last day off was about 5 weeks ago. Last year I took off about 10 days (not counting Christmas). MY favorite classical pieces are (I don't have time to look up the spelling):
Mahler 6 on
Led Zep (they're classic!)
and the Allman Bros. (I still miss Dwayne)

My taste in classical tends to run in the more modern, less pretty stuff.
I think, like some of you, that if you don't see the coolness in all forms of music, then you are missing out on a lot, and probably will not ever get the rewards our careers are capable of producing. A lot of classical was prepaid, commissioned bull ****, just like most pop, R&B, rock, and HipHop is. But the 10% that is genuine in any music form is what is to be admired and listened to. God doesn't give us too many of these artists. We all have to pay the bills, but we can still strive to make art, although today it is getting harder and harder!