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Old 18th September 2004
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i am just a lurker, but i do know some stuff about dance...

you don't need to limit so much because there is a DJ pushing up the volume on your track! and clubs usually use limiters to protect the speakers anyway.
keep some transients and you'll be good (your mastering engineer will provide the necessary level for your radio edit)

a bit of distortion on kick and bass works wonders (i love to mix dance on my analog mixer just to crank the preamps on the drums)

don't put mud on, there is plenty of bass on a club system
don't use any wideners for vinyl releases (that is STILL the main format)
the DJ is your friend, give him a good intro he can mix IN easy
the DJ is your friend, give him good oportunity to mix OUT of your record (provide also an exit early on on the track 2'' to 2.30'')
dance is not about beauty, it is about impact, use eq and comp to feature elements blatantly
make it interesting, use automation for eq, filters and level.
clubs have no hifi systems, your intention must be clear without discerning details, use the BIG brush!!!
use the mute buttons, your VERY BEST friends !
if the part after your build up is more intense than the build-up itself you know it was not a build-up, check your arrangement!!!

kick: advancing it by a few ms makes it stick out more. using a hipass filter with resonace can give you the necessary BASS. a 909 sample fits always under another kick sample. check the relaese, it doesn't need to be 5 seconds!

snr: heavy comp makes it spank, hi-pass filtering takes away the mud. if you really need reverb try it mono.

hats: make them short to be more agressive, delays to make em groove

bass: check the realease on your sampler. modern techno uses a lot of cheap grainy ITB reverb these days(hipass filtered) 1/8th and dotted 1/8th delays are your friends.

vox/hooklines: make em bleed/scream! phaser, flange, anything...

btw. tee boy gave some very good advice, take notes...

peace to all, groove on, plenky