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Silver, good question...

...My mom was a great guitar player/teacher, and was an artist in every way. She was named after the opera AIDA, and music was and is a passion in my family, who immigrated here from Spain. I started playing in bands at an early age. Some successful, some not. I was in a band with Bob Burns (1st Lynyrd Skynyrd drummer--Free Bird, 3 Steps, Sweet Home Alabama etc), and was getting a little tired of the road. The guitar player in that band, Larry and I decided to build our own studio, and become a studio band. Around that time an artist and Producer in Atlanta met me and just gave me a shot, Phil Benton, and Paul Davis (several #1 records). I mostly did everything from cleaning toilets to recording. It was great! OJT is the best (on the job training). I just recorded everyone I could find, mostly for free. I didn't have debts because I didn't own ANYTHING, and what little I had was always in the pawn shop. Perhaps this would be a good time to get tissues to wipe the tears and snot......OK back to story. It was never a plan, just water rolling down hill. I am, and have pretty much always been a hippie, and it just worked out. The one thing that seemed to separate me from other engineers was I was and am obsessed by the studio and music. Engineering was a means to this end. Without music, and the making of it, life is a lot less important.