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The FS Project has 10 inputs (eight mic/line preamps + SPDIF)

The Firestudio has 26 inputs and outputs (eight mic/line preamps + 2 ADAT + SPDIF)

The other difference is that the Firestudio has the ability to use the MSR remote which gives you talkback, speaker switching etc.. It hooks up to the Firestudio through an ethernet port on the back.

Regarding your 2nd question: I would actually recommend always using a PCMCIA/dedicated, non-combo FireWire 400 PCI card with a Texas Instruments chipset. Even though there are some 4 channel built in cards that work fine, I've found that the connection on the 4 pin ones is really flimsy and you always run the risk of the cable pulling out and losing connection. Personally, I've had much better luck with 6pin connectors.

Here's a list of laptop 6pin cards that we recommend:

SIIG - Low Profile - TI
Lava - 1394 Fire Host - TI
SIIG - NN2608 - TI
Keyspan - FPCI-3 - TI
SIIG - NN2603 - TI
SIIG - NN-440012 xFirewire - TI
SIIG - NN30012 - TI

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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