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Old 17th September 2004
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When i started out (in my home production studio), there was no internet to speak of and no forums. And I'm kinda glad about that. It was all experimentation and listening to improve my sound, with the only external advice being Sound on Sound once a month.

Sometimes i worry about noobs getting hung up on things like summing, external clocking and dither before they've got the basics down......all because of forums.....or people thinking they have to buy Cranesong or Manley to do good stuff.....when i was a noob, Focurite greens was the high end!

On the flipside, people can now pick up things from people like Dave or 'Thrill.....stuff they'd prolly never have learned before the internet.....but i think it's interesteing to note they (Dave etc.)developed these skills before the internet!