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Originally posted by remo
Hi Tee Boy. Just wondering how you go about sidechaining comp's in Nuendo. I know Logic Audio has the sidechain option built in to its OEM comps but Nuendo does not. I've read about some convoluted methods of achiving sidechained compression in Nuendo but I was wondering if you had a simpler solution??

Does PT ofer extensive sidechaining capabilities in its comps? I've never used PT so I'm in the dark there...

Anyone elso with any comments on sidechaining in Nuendo? Do other DAW programs like Sequoia, SAW, DP, Sonar have good sidechain routines?

I know man, aint they arseholes! I was hoping Steiny would add this feature in the version 3 of SX, but no such luck. To get around the problem I use a compressor with a seperate sidechain plug in. They arent exactly the best, but when using them more for a creative effect they do the job just fine. There's one in the TC Native Bundle, and also dbAudioware do one. There is one called BJTech Dynamics, but its a bit shite.

To my knowledge you have access to sidechains in PT just as you do in Logic etc. Iv not done this effect in PT yet, but I'd imagine you'd just need to select an audio track on the compressor of you choice. Pretty sure most offer sidechaining.

With regard to Dave, and the simplicity of his methods - I think that having set protocols like this is half the reason guys like Dave are so good. I mean, how many times do you hear 'wow, this guys finishes mixes in a third of the time its takes me, thats why he's a pro!" I know i do all the time. Anyways, I reckon the reason is that they have a multitude of tried and tested methods under their belts, which they know work perfectly in certain circumstances. Whereas, the rest of us mere mortals have to experiment a little with each mix in order to find the right techniques for the job.