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some thoughts on cliff diving

I was just thinking about some of my opinions, suggestions, and techniques that I have shared with you guys (and ladies). Let's say this were the Mexican Cliff Diving forum. Let's suppose that all of you were wanna-be cliff divers and I was the guest moderator. I could give all kinds of opinions and advice on various do's and dont's but I would be surprised if any of you would read this and go jump off a cliff. My point is this. I might say something simple, but it takes a lot of time and practice, and even some crappy mixes to really get it. Yeah, sure, some things will be an immediate help, but most require that you make the technique your own, and that you experiment. I have tried to be very explicit, but in the end you have to just go for it...jump off the cliff. If you live, then what I'm saying will make more sense. If you don't, well maybe you weren't cut out to be a cliff diver.