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I use Logic. I tried Cubase but it revolted against me, I couldn't figure it out. I'd click record and it wouldn't record. I bought Logic and I wrote a song 15 minutes after it was installed. So, I use Logic because it was easier for me to figure out than Cubase. Drums I use is Stylus, Guru, and BFD. Guru has the best timing. I use Liquid Mix and Waves V Series for EQ/compression. Audio interface is Apogee Duet. On the road I take the Liquid Mix, the Duet, and my laptop and I can remix anything with what's in my laptop bag.

I've had a Roland Jx 8P for 23 years. Roland U220..............Drum machines Roland 707, 727, 909, 808, R8. TB 303, but I sold it to Bam Bam. I've used an MPC 60 and 3000, but never owned them. Other keyboards I've owned were Casio Fz1, Prophet 2000, Korg ex 800, Mirage, Korg O1W, and Ensoniq ESQ1. That's pretty much it, I like to stay with keyboards for years and years.