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Maybe I can lend some perspective

Guys I mainly do Hip Hop and RnB exclusively but I think I can shed some light as to why things are simpler when Dave explains. First, the difference between Dave and most others are that he knows what he's after when he starts (meaning he knows what sounds good) So once he gets there he knows where to stop. (Kinda like a producer knowing how not to overproduce) Newbies without the experience instead question their every last decision which brings the entire process in circles. Also in knowing what sounds good and what his target is, Dave has over the years built up known combinations of what has worked for him in the past so his experience removes some guess work and he is most likely experimenting with new stuff like plugins daily for new combinations

The main point is that HE KNOWS WHAT HE IS AFTER. Before trying to make a better mix what I find most need to do to get better (what has worked for me) Is learning what the differences are between your mixes and the mixes that u like Not just simply saying So and So's shit sounds better but really analyzing and making a list of differences and similarities (if any). (Of course this requires professional monitoring) Make as long a list as needed and when you remix take note of improving all of the differences without ****ing up the similarities. The point here is that you need to know what u are after and noting the differences will tell u how far away u are. But be very detailed when listing the differences for instance if the mix u are after is brighter Just saying "I have to make mine brighter" won't help much. Listen and discern what sounds are causing the mix to be brighter. What freq's are they boosted in?

It may sound redundant but u have to listen! but with an analytical ear. Dont just instantly start reaching for kick samples and replacing when u pull up the song. Listen to the song and hear what the drums are missing and add that Otherwise it's like youre twisting EQ knobs with the track muted! Learn why u are doing things instead of just doing things outta routine. the Purpose of multing is to place different parts (freq ranges) of a sound on separate faders so that you can turn up what u need to get the right balance and turn down what u dont need to make space for other sounds in the mix. Adding samples is only to add (freq wise) what is missing or not present in the songs drums