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Advice on control room layout

Hello Folks
I need some advices here. The situation is the following

I rented an existint control room + vocal booth to install my own equipement and start producing there.
I'm worried about the monitor placement, since right now, the desk is located facing the WINDOW, so I have the vocal booth at my right side.

I know the best thing to do is place the desk along the long part of the room, at 38%, etc. But in that case: 1.- I wont have any visual contact btw the vocal booth and 2.- The door will be at my left, and i dont know if there is enough space to install my stuff there and be comfortable.

So, would it be too bad working where the desk its right now? any other advices?


PD: I dont know the exact dimentions of the room right now, and the model i did on sketchup doesnt have accurate proportions.