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Originally posted by tee boy
I mix in Nuendo and PT, and I dont have any problems. Then again, Iv not got a 9000 series to compare against! All i can say is that the best ITB dance tracks dont sound any worse than the best analog dance tracks imo.
Hi Tee Boy. Just wondering how you go about sidechaining comp's in Nuendo. I know Logic Audio has the sidechain option built in to its OEM comps but Nuendo does not. I've read about some convoluted methods of achiving sidechained compression in Nuendo but I was wondering if you had a simpler solution??

Does PT ofer extensive sidechaining capabilities in its comps? I've never used PT so I'm in the dark there...

Anyone elso with any comments on sidechaining in Nuendo? Do other DAW programs like Sequoia, SAW, DP, Sonar have good sidechain routines?