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Originally posted by duende
New guy here... as I produce and mix mostly Hip Hop, and electronica, I would have to say that I miss just basic songwriting... Or at least a few chord changes...
Thank you folks... we have a winner!!!

I couldn't agree more... which I guess is why I do mostly "country" music these days... then again, as my wife has pointed out... the only place you can find rock and roll on the radio is on the damn country station... which unfortunately is still populated with bad Celine Dion-esque rejected "middle of the road" crap with some pedal steel because the 'country music producer's guild seems to feel it's the only requirement for bad song production to be a country hit.

Psssst... if anyone here is working on "country music"... I would consider it a minimum requirement to be able to quote the lyrics to at least 20 Hank Williams [the 1st] songs [or at least own the entire Buddy (and/or Julie) Miller catalog] before you're even allowed in the control room... but I guess that's kind of a moot point as it seems that most of "the row" is sitting in their living rooms with an Alsihad rig... damn I'm glad Steve Earle's out of jail.