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Old 15th September 2004
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Dynamic EQ

I read somewhere on this forum about David's use of dynamic EQ.
I've searched and searched, can't find it.
As I remembered, he uses a Waves-plug (C1?)
When used in this way, does it react when the selected frequency is above threshold, or does it respond to the full-bandwidth-signal?
I've used MC2000 with good results for the same kind of tasks.
One minor drawback:
You have to open at least the 3-band version even if you only want to process one single freq-area.
Has anybody tried the dynamic EQ in CompressorBank?
It responds to the same signal as the compressor, (and uses the same attack/release times) and then compresses/expands the selected freq.
So if you boost a freq in the pre-filter section and set the comp ratio fader to 1.0, and then compress the corresponding freq with the dynamic filter you get ruffly the same function as one band in a MB-comp.