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1st time you hear the songs

Hi Dave, I was just wondering about when you first hear the songs you will be mixing.

Do they get to you as a good quality demo or unmixed (but well tracked) seperate tracks?

How closely do you work with the songwriters?

In most cases, is the band the main writers of the song or is it production teams eg. The Matrix , Max Martin (Cherion), writers from Murlyn Music (Sweden), other top song writers from the US, that write the songs?

Also with a track like "Get This Party Started" - Pink are the A&R's or Managers like "Dave, this is a hit, lets get it mixed and released ASAP" or were they unconfident about it's potential until it actually hits the charts and they hear peoples and radio stations reactions.

Who wrote that song anyway? How much did Pink herself have to do with it?

thanks for all the other posts, really interesting stuff Dave....

lovin' it!