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Old 15th September 2004
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Dave I appreciate the truth

(Don't know if you know it Dave, but Colin has to change his name because of complications with Motown, but He has a really nice album about to drop (that I'm mixing though he and I both would prefer It were U (hint Hint)))

Dave I appreciate the truth no matter how harsh it is. (I still remember asking if I should get Paris or ptools since paris was much cheaper LOL)

I've personally stopped trying to use plugs on drums/Bass/lead/BG vox also. (On BG I may use a plugin comp but the NTI EQ3 lives there for me) Because I only have 8 channels of quality I/O my goal of working and purchasing gear is to have enough gear to record 4 mults of 2 sounds at a time (say kick/snr first pass and then BG vox or BS next with the lead vox saved for last.)

so far the outboard that I'm using is
3 dbx 160xt (mainly drums)
Distressor with mod
Tube Tech CL1-B
Spl Transient Designer
dbx sub harmonic synth

My next gear purchase will probably be at least 2 API EQ's
and either a Tube Tech or Adesigns EQ and some kind of ffx like maybe a ksp8, orville or 2016

So if you have any gear specific hints hopefully I already have the gear or I have a close substitute

Please Keep Coming with the truth
no matter how harsh