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i overlooked the lachapelle which was the obvious winner too me...

I'm with you on that. After listening to these tracks a 1000 times at full bandwidth the LaChapell is the best pre IMO. The Mono, MA5, P1/Red/Blue, Mint Julep were all awesome to. Again at the end of the day I don't think you could go wrong with most of these pres.

The next few weeks are brutal for me with American Idol wrapping up (I'm host on the red carpet on grand finale day at the Nokia Center - Yikes!) but when it's all done I'm gonna offer to send out full bandwidth CD of all the files and/or DVD's of the PT session for a very minimal cost to everyone (just enough cost to pay for shipping and my assistant's time). So that will be happening after May 21st.

If you're interested in getting a hard copy of this shootout send and email to:
[email protected]

but nothing will be shipping till Idol is done.