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Major Turning Point

Hi Marshall

Many people disagree with me when i say the " music biz " is standing at the cross roads. I had the same thoughts when we hit the 2000 years but this time it is different because of the major advancements in technology. There is so much music being released to the public now days that i find it very hard to believe that its all worth the effort. There are a lot of young people getting wound up like clocks but in reality the music that they are producing is complete rubbish. Techno, House, D&B have been part of my life for over 20 years now and i have the feeling that things are changing.

I have to say that 99.9% of the majors will only give a new artist the opportunity for an opening unless they have over a thousand hits on there web page at the social sites. If i started producing music tomorrow and asked one of the majors to have a listen to a demo, they will 99.9% of the time ask for my web address. This method is really evolution at work because if your music is not out there creating " hits with google " your basically not worth the listen.

Putting hard work and years of experience into ones music seems to be a thing of the past, if you really look closely to the music industry and i mean all genres. Piracy is at the pinnacle of having the major laws of copyright being rewritten simply because it has become bigger than the music or to put it better, popular music has become so bad that the kids don't have any respect for the work / artistry or the lack of.

The message that i receive today form the industry and many indi labels is one of self indulgence and contempt. After the big slow down in the dance scene from around 2000, when every one said that dance music was on its way out ( bollocks ) i see a major rise in quantity is better than quality and my question is this :

The people who know there **** also know that things have to change rapidly or the industry will become a joke to the future generations if its not already too late. What do you personally feel deep down in your soul needs to be done to turn this mess around ?