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This is a great thread.

I'm in the middle of designing a mobile, and some of these issues are exactly what I'm facing.

I've addressed most of these issues already in the design, but can you be more specific on the undercoat material you used steve? I'm having a truck body manufacture build my truck box from scratch and I'd like to specify this. I'm already aware of the weight complications, and we'll have to do some math to make sure that we're still in the right ball park, but I think the extra work will be worth it.

John Sayers is doing the acoustic design. I have access to one of the facilities he designed and it sounds and looks great. It was a no brainer to go to him...especially since he's a designer who's actually had to work in mobiles .

Anyways, we are pretty well into the design, but the undercoating idea is a very strong one...the truck vendor (he had built a few mobiles in the past) recommended a basic wall construction but the undercoat is a zero-cost benefit (by zero-cost, I mean in terms of relative wall thickness...I know the cost will be up there!).