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Wanna add to the question

I'm partially just trying to bump this thread up, but I also have more to add. Dave for someone on a mix plus system without many outboard verbs (like me) How would u recommend he approach achieving space in a mix. I notice u use a lot of different ffx in your chains like placing exciters, chorus etc on reverb returns and using say a separate PCM 70 on the left and right channels so that you can get them modulating differently. If you were in a situation where you were limited as I am, how would u approach it.

I'm considering going HD which would leave me alot more dsp, but I find that plugin verbs dont really do it for me. So I'm thinking of going for maybe a KSP8 for starter efficiency and then adding maybe an orville or something later. Right now I have plugins, Kurzweil Rumor, Spatializer retro,Behringer edison, Roland DeP5 and SE-50, and an alesis Q2

As you can see I'm pretty limited in processing and I know I've asked 2 totally different things in this thread, but hopefully your response will turn it into one hell of a thread where folks can turn for answers to alot of things without searching.


(As I read your thread on bright mixes and listened to old Dats of Colin's stuff as well as your newer mixes I can hear exactly what you describe. Your mixes have a controlled high end where I can hear even siblance being used to your advantage. How ever your drums and vocals are so loud and in your face that it makes it not seem overly bright. I'm loving your work! You may not listen to your shit when you reference, but I do and it helps alot. One thing that you told me that always stuck in my head was that $100 spent at the record store would teach a hell of alot more than $100 spent in recording books and magazines, because it would teach you what to look for and give u a sense of what u were chasing. Recently, I have started listening to mixes via the waves C4 where I can hear one freq range at a time what is going on in mixes that I like. When you couple this with the Emes mini owl and how it allows you to analyze stereo info. This all adds up for a pretty thourough lesson in audio.

Anyway I'm rambling now. Thanx for hanging out and sifting through my rubbish I just typed