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I'd disagree about BT's stuff sounding superior. Just listened to some old mixes by Kevin Saunderson and they are so big and rich sounding. BT kills all his attack transients and overall his sound is so thin. Sure he has lots of tricks going on but I can't get into the mixdowns (or music) at all.

I wonder if WOW still go to an SSL. Nick told me years ao they went to all PT but I can't remember if they were mixing down on an SSL. By now though I imagine they might not. I know they were just in Remix but I can't find the issue at the moment.

I've done my own tests taking Logic mixes out to a Neve 9098i and found no advantage in the width by using summing.

I think its more down to your source tracks. That's why I'm going back to my analog synths and older samplers and tape.