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Old 13th September 2004
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I have mixed feelings on this score. First up, ITB can totally reap TOP results for dance music. This is for sure imo. Just listen to anything mixed by people like BT, the results are top notch. However, i think people tracks mixed totally in digital usually benefit from greater processing during mastering. I think at some point tracks have to go through some analog processing, being during mixing or mastering. I really dont go for this whole digital summing arguement. I think its more about a lack of analog colouring than it is an issue of poor digital summing. But hey, I may be very wrong here! I mix in Nuendo and PT, and I dont have any problems. Then again, Iv not got a 9000 series to compare against! All i can say is that the best ITB dance tracks dont sound any worse than the best analog dance tracks imo. Just compare something by BT to something by 'Way Out West' who always mix on a SSL. I think BT's stuff sounds much clearer and more precise. I guess its down to the guy behind the scenes!