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Hi jrhifikit

1. My manager handles all that. Sometimes we get points, and sometimes I mix for free. I try to do whatever it takes to mix for friends, and to mix the music I like. If I am not knocked out by the song, usually it is a friend or Artist I really like. I don't have a fixed rate, I just trust my manager (Jac Colman) to get me songs I like, or to make sure a good friend is taken care of.
2. Usually 1-10 hours to redo a track. "Get The Party Started" required changing all the drums, and creating intro and ending and alot of PT tricks. Linda and I spent about 6 hours on it. I just charge by the song, so I don't charge xtra for that. I don't want the producer to think I'm trying to take their job, or make more money by trying to get my ideas in there.
3. Expensive all the way. If I'm doing it free, I should at least do it in luxury.
4. The client (label, producer, or artist) pays me, and pays the studio seperate. Most of the time, rentals are added to the studio bill. MY rentals are billed by me.

If this does not answer your questions, let me know.