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Pensado ramblings continued

OK, so this time let's focus on kik drums. Make sure you can hear the kik all the way down to 40hz. If you can't, get a synth and make up a sine wave based sample kik from about 80-40. EQ your original drum the best you can. Don't compress it, just pick a great sample. Now, take a piece of that drum (mult it, use a send etc. or if in PT make a time aligned copy) and compress the dog snot out of this "copy". A good starting point is fast attack fast Release, ration of 7-10. and knock off about 6-10dB. This will be your midrange knock, and the frequency that makes it sound loud. Add this back to the original sound. Now take another copy and compress 20-30 dB and roll out midrange, say 600-2K. This sound should only be a "tick" and a thud. Add this back in. Add the sub (sample from synth), the knock, and the tick while in the mix, so you can really tell what's going on. If I need to explain this more, let me know. Fat lo-end is a lot of work. Next we will discuss bass.