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;-) 3-5kHz can be very dangerous thing... very seducting to raise it too much, bacause it makes kick very visible (and you want that when you are fighting to get kick very present in the mix). But you get more knock than kick. Doesn't have to be wrong, but there is a point when the attack of the kick sounds very very close to the hihat (so it begin to sound somehow messy and you fight again to make it cleaner... leads to hell). At this point is good to say kick, snare/clap, hats/cymbals and perc need to be in their ranges with slight overleap. Snare could easily become hihat too ;-).

Compression is very individual and tricky. In electronic music, I think it is mostly shape/transient modification that you do with compression. So you do things like long attack "snap" things and then tame the peak a bit with limiter. However more I do this music, I do this less and less... multing takes me to better places. With less EQ and less comp I got fuller and crispier results. So now I can't stand my old mixes (all of the mixes I have on my website ;-) ).

Other thing that helped me a big way was a monitoring chain. With Event 20/20 it was like sound without emotions, many important things in sound simply wasn't there (dynamics, impact, sub energy... name it) so one trying to make a mix couldn't control this.