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If a law were passed that everyone on earth had to use identical speakers, our jobs would be so much easier. Most clubs here (US) add sub bass, say 80 down. That is an area that most home studios, and for that matter professional ones also, have problems monitoring. If you can't hear it accurately, about all you can do is watch the woofers and listen when they crap out.
Compression is a book in itself. I personally don't think compression makes things "better". I look at compression as having two jobs. One, to increase the overall level, by managing the hot spots, and two, as an effect.
I agree with most of what has been said. Let me add that sometimes the most important frequencies in a kik are 3-5K. It helps your ear find it. Also be very detailed in the area from 180 to 120.
I just realized that I have been typing for 15 minutes, and haven't said a DAMN thing. I am gonna come back to this issue, because it is one of the questions I get most often. I am currently writing a book for Waves on this subject, so discussing it here will help me organize my thots.