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I leave most of the kicks and bass uncompressed (or only very very lightly), what I do compress is the snare(s). I compress the hell out of the perc and of most of the "melodic" stuff.

Good kick is a kick that suits the bass the best, you have to listen, go through many kicks and find the right one. If it is nice but lacks of bottom, just add another with right bottom, mix to taste.

Most common is to have one synthetic kick doing the sub job (909, 808 or alike) and then some live kick sampled of the vinyl or recorded... whatever you like, this one adds the reverbation and midrange impact that will make it more appearent on smaller speakers and "harder" on big ones. You have to check the phase between those two, using short variable delay will allow you to
find the fattest blend.

The same applies to snare, you don't have to find one perfect, but you should make a perfect snare out from 2 or 3 different snares.

Well I like to compress the drum subgroup as well as kick/bass subgroup. The drums can take some amount of abuse, but kick/bass compression is only slight to make them lock a bit more.

If you don't have the right sounds first, you can forget about compression, it doesn't going to help...