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Ind - what Bob said about the 17 x 15 was the FINISHED dimensions. The rear wall could have up to 4 feet of trapping behind it, and whilst the measurement may be taken from the front window there is probably 3 feet further to take the soffit mount speaker system. Thus you could actually start with a room 24 feet in length. Your standard Hidley room is usually based on around a 25 foot square.

Your builder is very important, there are techniques, like trap construction, wall treatments, wiring ducting, door/window seals etc that they've never encountered. Similarly with electrics and as stated before HVAC. Also some builders will not work with all the fibreglass involved!!

The main thing in isolation is mass and correct sealing. One 4" nail hole in a drywall cladding will seriously lower the STC (Sound transmission Class)

I agree with Fletcher that floated floors are usually more expensive than they are worth and are only required when you are isolating yourself some an outside noise like trains or planes. Beware Planes are really loud and require considerable isolation to get rid of.

With aircon - more air is required as Bob suggested plus I always ask for an increase in the fresh air added. Most aircons in offices/homes etc add around 15% fresh air - I always double that in a studio.

Hope this helps