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I know you already found some HHB dats, but for what it's worth I though I'd chime in. Over about a 12 year period where I worked we used several thousand Sony DG60P (2 hr) and DG90P (3 hr) dats in mostly Sony 2600 dat machines, and a few Tascam DA-30s as well. Out of all those dats, I think I could count the problems we experienced on one (and a half) hands, and I think most of our few problems were the fault of the dat machines (dirty, etc). These are dds data tapes, and my understanding is that they are manufactured in clean rooms to higher tolerances than audio dat tape.....this is because they are designed to be very robust, especially when a computer drive has to read the data it just wrote in order to confirm it has been written correctly. They also dependably exhibited the lowest error rates of the dats we tried. I don't have any experience with them in the Tascam DA-45HR though. I do think that repacking the tapes before use is a good idea.
VERY Interesting to know, and it will get filed away with all of the other useful knowledge obtained here. I am uncertain what the production specs are for any of the tapes, but if the manufacturer(s) of old are anything like the last 20 years have been, you will find that most companies use the same method and the same facilities to produce products such as these that are similar. This is not to say that you are not correct, and they are in fact manufactured to a different standard in a different facility. The best example of this would be the NAPA/Valvoline Oil business, now I cannot say for certain this condition still exists today, but for many many years, Valvoline stopped the lines and changed the labels and bottles to generic NAPA branded oil and ran the very same product into different containers and labels. Knowing this, I would not be too surprised at whoever is making such tapes that they do not do about the same thing, in that it would cost more to run a high tech clean room, and a crappy facility, than to merely cut to proper length and relabel to suit. Just an observation, and may not apply at all.

I am indeed glad you chimed in, and my comments are not meant to downplay or contradict what you were saying at all, so do not think that was an attack or anything! I just know how these manufacturer(s) do stuff, as I have been a part of that for many years, and just as the GM facility runs Izuzu Trucks down their line that are identical with exception of trim and stickers to the Colorado/Canyon lines, and of course we all know what kind of price differential we are talking about in these two brand names, but put simply they are the same exact truck made in the same facility, and sold under another name, for quite less I might add. Kind of shoots GM in the foot about the American worker's cost (last count less than 10% of the total of the product, though that may have changed, as that is old data; probably less now that they are really screwing their workers...) in that they can sell the same product and make a buck to Izuzu and then Izuzu turns around an can still sell the same truck for less. Where do you think all this money GM claims they cannot afford to pay their workers is really going??? Pockets, and offshore investments. New plants ALL AROUND! Kind of like a drunken toast...


You get my point. Thanks for the info, and I will take it under advisement in the rare case that I actually ever use what I've got and need more...

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