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Hi Guys,

Thanks for all the interest and kind words, it's truly gratifying to read. Technical issues with the API modular format aside (and there are a number of them), it's important to keep in mind that our preamps are designed primarily as kits, to be assembled by persons with rudimentary experience, with basic tools, and on a limited budget. Instead of an expensive rack with card guides and edge connectors, we offer a strong, simple, attractive enclosure that works just as well but costs less. The single board design of our preamps, in addition to simplifying assembly, eliminates the need for any problematic card edge connectors, backplanes, and point-to-point wiring in the audio path. It's our opinion that, for the legions of people out there recording in their basements and bedrooms, a lower cost of entry is a lot more important than the conveniences of a pluggable modular rack.

Which is not to say that we'll never make API compatible cards, though I'd rather not get Mr. Wolff upset with us without a very good reason. It's not clear to me that such a project would be worth our while, though it's technically feasible. All of these circuits could be made to work with the available power supplies and in the available space in one way or another, but the gyrations required would likely drive the cost to unappealing levels. And they'd be a lot tougher to put together yourself!

If anybody has any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.