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I know you already found some HHB dats, but for what it's worth I though I'd chime in. Over about a 12 year period where I worked we used several thousand Sony DG60P (2 hr) and DG90P (3 hr) dats in mostly Sony 2600 dat machines, and a few Tascam DA-30s as well. Out of all those dats, I think I could count the problems we experienced on one (and a half) hands, and I think most of our few problems were the fault of the dat machines (dirty, etc). These are dds data tapes, and my understanding is that they are manufactured in clean rooms to higher tolerances than audio dat tape.....this is because they are designed to be very robust, especially when a computer drive has to read the data it just wrote in order to confirm it has been written correctly. They also dependably exhibited the lowest error rates of the dats we tried. I don't have any experience with them in the Tascam DA-45HR though. I do think that repacking the tapes before use is a good idea.