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Wanna bet?
Sean, you visited me at the AES show when I was there with SSL. I think you'll agree that I have a little bit of experience with this stuff.

Here's some info straight from the SSL website:

The XLogic G Series Compressor is the latest version of the compressor and it uses the same classic twin VCA design as its console counterpart.

(this is referring to the VCA design of the SSL 4000 console's center section compressor)


The XLogic Master Bus Compressor module is a true SuperAnalogue design and even though it has a main VCA, it is not the twin VCA design of the 4000 series. This module is basically the same thing that is present on the Duality and AWS900+ consoles and is based off of the SSL 9000K series console.


Perhaps I should've been clearer in my post when I said the X-Rack module is a not a VCA design, but what I meant was it is not the "same VCA design" as the G Compressor rack unit. There is a difference in sound, and the X-Rack module is a bit cleaner sounding than the rack unit. They are based off of two separate designs. Both are great compressors, but if you are after the famous 4000 series console's center section compressor, it's the 1U rack XLogic G Compressor, not the X-Rack module. If you're just looking for a great master bus compressor to add in to your X-Rack then by all means go for the X-Rack module. It's certainly nice to have Total Recall functionality, although you don't get the Auto-Fade feature.

Hope that clears things up.