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Hi there,

I wouldn't say i am an expert..but I have been using DAT for nearly 20 years ;-)

I have always had problems with 120min..i stay away from them.

Also there were many bad batches..TDK comes to its a bit of a crap shoot !

Recently, I've had 3 tapes break (all 120 min) of my archived material as I was transferring it to 24/96.

They are virtually impossible to fix.

So my advice ..stay with the shortest you can use.


i dont know if i would say virtually impossible....but fairly difficult comes to mind.
ive recently been splicing a good amount of broken miniDV and DAT tapes. perhaps a dozen in the last month-6 weeks.
you really need two people when you open the cartridge in order for the springs not to go flying. its doable with one person, but its a little tricky.