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I believe it's safe to say that there are no significant differences between DAT tapes. In the nineties, HiFi magazines would test them and even mention sound quality differences, but I'd consider that esoterics.

Nowadays, you'll probably just have to buy what you can get, there may not be a great lot of choice. Sony, Maxell, TDK all should provide good results. Might find some Ampex or HHB labeled tapes, too.

Tape lengths are usually counted in minutes. 60, 90, 120 are all fine. There are 180 minute tapes also, but I'd avoid these, they are thinner than the others and more prone to being eaten by the tape transport.

You can also buy 60 meter DDS-1 data cartridges, these are essentially the same as 120-minute DATs and should work with the Tascam. Don't buy longer tapes (90/120 meters) or DDS-2.