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Congrats on making 31 years, Steve! Wow...lots of music under that bridge.

I wanted to commend you on the Aura-Sonic website. It's just terrific! I especially enjoyed the "History" section of your photo gallery. It did a fine job of walking me through the birth, growth, and maturity of your company. I was amazed by your location trucks, and I could easily see the evolution in their designs. Looking at the photos of the "original truck" really took me back. I was doing live sound the same time you were putting that truck together and fielding it. Seeing the photos of the gear in it was pure deja vu.

By the way, the (my) Lovely Mrs and I are from LI. One day, when we go "back east" to see family, I may stop by and say hello in person - and thank you for the fantastic job you've done as moderator of this Forum.