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I've noticed something interesting. The Shadow Hill GAMA is ostensibly created to provide different flavors and options in one premier quality preamp. However, no one is listing this as their "desert island" pre. People speak very highly of them and I have no reason to slag them, but I am surprised that a flexible preamp that is highly thought of is getting no mention in this conversation? Any thoughts?
Yeah I have a few thoughts on that. First of all, this thread is only on page 2, so only a handful of people have weighed in thus far.

Secondly, a lot more people have used preamps such as Neve and Api than they have Shadow Hills. Shadow Hills has only been around for a few years.

Third, maybe it tells us that the inherent sound of a mic pre is more important than it's "options". I think this is probably true of eq's, compressors and converters too. If it sounds amazing you can live without the extras.

That transformer switching is a cool feature though. thumbsup