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My long post was murdered!

One more time:

I was tracking a band two weeks ago. We were away in the country in a make-shift studio. I had left the keyboardist plugged into the channel 2 DI of my DRS-Q4, so he could get his patches together for the next round of tracking; I was in the "drum room" adjusting some mics.

Hearing something odd coming out of the Twin 6s we were using for tracking (rentals - but great to get the band "feeling it"), I ran back to see what was going on. Well wouldn't you know that, in an effort to get a "dirtier" sound, the keyboardist had decided to patch his micrKorg through a Traynor head (ugh) right into the DI (double ugh.)

Well... *POOF*

At the end of the day I emailed Shaun telling him of the (as he put it) "murder" of one of the D.I.s. He replied immediately, noting that no one had ever plugged an amp directly into one of their products and that there was no way to know what damage was done without seeing it BUT as long as I paid for shipping he would fix it at no cost.

Wow! He saved the weekend. The band, worried they would now have to fork over an additional (and somewhat fat) wad of cash were relieved that all they would have to foot was the FedEx bill (which at $500+ for the round trip isn't cheap but at least it's not the price of a new Q4.)

Shaun received the DRS-Q4 late Thursday afternoon (last Thursday). It was fixed by Friday afternoon and will arrive here in Montreal tomorrow. Not only did he fix the DI, but he also upgraded the output stages to a new revision and gave the whole unit a thorough going-over.

What a stand-up guy. I would buy from them again in an instant.

And I will because, yes, Shaun confirmed that a compressor/limiter is in the works.

Ain't nothing like a good, long, happy ending.

(Oh and by the way, the DRS-Q4's channel 2 mic pre and EQ remained fully functional for the rest of that weekend and ended up being used to record some pretty amazing guitar tracks.)