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Here for the gear

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Actually if I look at the measurements in Ethan Winer's density report I do not really see a significant difference between the 6 pieces 6" 703 and 705 (without paper). For the 12 pieces รก 3" I see better modal ringing reduction for the 42 Hz mode with 705. However some of the higher modes seem to be a little better with the 703 material.
Thanks for your reply. A good read.
I agree with your analysis. Comparing 6" thick 703 with 705 would probably show more detailed results if more material had been spread in the room. 705 seems slightly better, but not enough that it that it would justify a higher price IMO. At least for 6" thickness.
703 at 6" seems like a good compromise. You could go less dense and thicker, but that would need more space.
Thanks again.

Edit: BTW where do these values for 703 and 705 come from? I found no orignal data. If 703 has 16 kPa it seems likely that 705 has at least twice that value, because that's what I found with comparable materials.