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That material what I was looking at has also 15 10^-6 m2/sPa (and 36 10^-6 m2/sPa ) version, So according to your graphs, the 15000 would perform better?


I am about to build 6" and 8" deep panels to be mounted on the corners (wall-wall, wall-ceiling), panels size would be 120cm x 60cm. And I wil probably build 2 corner chunks, one 40cm x 80cm x 220cm and other could be ecven bigger since there in space.

So, any final words of advice? 45, 36 or 15 10^-6 m2/sPa?

Thank you very much the information you have provided.

-Tomi H

all that will probably help you not much because corner treatment is not curing frequency response (only a few exceptions from that rule). Modal ringing, yes, frequency response no, sorry. See my other post of today in the same sub-forum.